Hello Friends,

hope you missed me :). I'm happy to announce the kickoff of Chapter 2 of TPDA (Things People Dream About). This time I started with the title page, here it is:

Some words about this small hiatus we just experienced. This month was one of the crappiest of my adult life. If you read the previous post you might know that one of my beloved cats died. But lot of other stuff happened. My grandma got sick and she's been in the hospital for two weeks now. She is the last of my grandparents and also the closest to me. Due to the pandemic not even my dad can visit her. To top it off I had to work very hard in the past three weeks to meet the deadline of an important project. I worked all day every day. Basically I got up from the computer to eat and sleep. So that's why there wasn't any progress with the comics. I dare to say cautiously that the coming month will be a bit calmer and I will be able to make progress. The chapter is fully written and the work I held back wants to just pour out of me.

Special thanks to Ray for the generous support, I'm happy to have you as one of my readers!

See you soon,