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Full Moon: 25˚ Scorpio 17’ | BST: May.16.2022, 5:13 am | EDT: May.16.2022, 0:13 am | More about the eclipse:


Despite the fogginess that partly still persists, these weeks since the solar eclipse have brought a soft renewal of hope and optimism. It wasn´t all roses, but the mishaps that came your were not that hard to deal with.

Perhaps you even had a pleasant surprise. Maybe a door that you thought was closed forever opened again, maybe you reconnected with someone you hadn’t talked for while, or maybe you just received some unexpected good news.

But now you are put to the test. It’s not just your faith in life that you’ll have to prove, but your faith in yourself. Faith that you’ll be able to make the right choices, even when these seem the most difficult.

Lunar eclipse

This full moon ends this eclipse season with a lunar eclipse. The Earth lines up perfectly with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other, hiding the sun’s rays from the lunar surface. The Moon slowly loses the yellowish light that brightens our nights, and becomes tainted with a red shadow.

While solar eclipses announce great beginnings, even if we can only see them in hindsight, lunar eclipses prompt things to end with a bang. With any full moon our emotions are brought to awareness. Only this time we are not seeing them with the sharp light of the sun, but with the raw soiled filter of the Earth.

The sign of Scorpio

With the Sun in Taurus, the Moon will, of course, be in the opposite sign, Scorpio. The scorpion is ruled by the red planet Mars. But, unlike in its diurnal domicile, Aries, where the warrior god fights the enemy outside, in Scorpio, a nocturnal sign, the struggle is done within.

Watery and fixed, Scorpios need to use the blade of Mars to set themselves free from their own emotional attachments to anything that is no longer useful or healthy. And this is one of the most difficult lessons of this sign.

Square to Saturn in Aquarius

From the sign of the water bearer, Saturn challenges this full moon with a very tight T-square to the Sun-Moon opposition and interferes heavily with this eclipse. Oppositions are of the nature of Saturn, and, as does this planet, they make us choose something at the expense of something else.

Saturn in Aquarius calls for discipline and lucidity, and don’t be afraid to stray from the pack, since this is the only way you’ll be able to find your own road.

It might be helpful to remember what you were setting into motion with the last Aquarius lunation, in February. Back then, the Sun and Saturn were at the beginning of their one year cycle, and this square works as a first trial for you to be able to adjust, cut and do any needed changes to make that project work for the long run.

Very close to Saturn is asteroid Vesta, the roman goddess that keeps the sacred fire of hearth and home burning. No matter how difficult the process becomes, stay to your initial intentions, and don’t compromise your goals.

The Lunar Nodes

The eclipse axis is, by nature, also a polarity and has therefor implicit the question of choice. The South Node, which is now in Scorpio, points out in what area of your life something is withering. The North Node, now in Taurus, shows you where you can expect growth and expansion.

Regardless of which areas in your life are being impacted by this eclipse, South Node with the Moon in Scorpio is about letting go of the drama, of the power dynamics, of the mind games you might be playing on someone or someone might be playing on you. North Node in Taurus makes you eager to get to a more even and stable ground.

Trine to Mars and Neptune in Pisces

This Moon receives the valuable support from the ruler of Scorpio himself, the valiant Mars. But the daring red planet isn’t alone, and combines efforts with illusive and subtle Neptune.

If you get lost in confusion and uncertainty about your motives and goals, you may end up running around in circles, wasting your energy and going nowhere. But if you turn off the noise around you, and tune in with yourself, you might be able to find the much needed courage and faith to cut out of your life what isn’t serving you anymore.

Lunar eclipse synthesis

Take this hyper energized blood moon vibe and choose to release something in your life that is no longer good for you. Where are you wasting your energy without getting any reward? What has become toxic in your life? Who or what should be nourishing you, but is instead making you sick?

Remember you’ll have to choose to release something in order to get something else. You might feel like you don’t have a choice, that things are just happening to you, but even if something comes out of the blue you can always choose where and how you want to take things from there.

It doesn’t have to be easy. It’ll probably take some blood sweat and tears, but hold on, stay strong, believe in yourself, and have the boldness to let it go.