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New Moon: 12˚ Capricorn 20’ | GMT: Jan.2.2022, 6:33 pm | EST: Jan.2.2022, 1:33 pm

We’re almost there, right at the end of this year. The beginning of 2021 was very tough, then hope came, and then hope went. We are now more familiar with the idea of change, even if everything is still very volatile and foggy. 

This new moon at the beginning of the new year feels like getting back to work and resuming the duties that were left on pause during the holidays. This lunation is about working towards your long-term goals by making a bold move.


Ruled by Saturn, this earth sign is all about constrain, resilience, effort, boundaries and security. Capricorn knows how to prepare for the long run and how to make the most out of scarcity. They’re the ones you want on your side when the going gets tough, because you know they’re not going to drop the ball.

Capricorn likes to build things that last, to leave their imprint in the world. To do this you need ambition, planning and following through. You also need to test, fail, test again, fail again, and keep doing it until you succeed. They know that every step counts, even the ones we have to repeat.

Trine to Uranus in Taurus

The Moon and the Sun are trining Uranus, bringing to us the necessary vision to move things forward, with new and creative solutions that we can implement right away. If you have been thinking about making changes in some area of your life, or if you want to try a new, more daring way of doing something you’ve doing for a long time, this is the month.

The harmonious aspect between eccentric Uranus in Taurus and the practical, matter-of-fact energy of the Capricorn new moon will give the determination you need. Step out of your “comfort zone”, take the risk, do it, and let your life move forward.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is the ruler of this new moon and fairly content (as content as Saturn can get) in its other home sign, right next door, Aquarius. Here, Saturn is more extreme than in the previous sign, and, whether we want it or not, we test our boundaries and try to live life beyond the limits of the known territory. This is what we’ve been doing since the end of 2020, and will be doing until March 2023.

After one year Saturn in Aquarius, what does life look like outside the walls of the castle? Without the safety of the old structures, do you believe you can fend for yourself or are you looking for your tribe? In this new landscape, who is helping you and who are you helping?

Establishing supportive networks and reliable connections is key to the success of your new projects, be it on a professional or personal level. Whatever you’re going into and whatever you’re breaking up with, it’s really important to know that you are not alone.

Saturn square Uranus in Taurus

This tension between the past and the future, structure and chaos, oppression and freedom was the theme of 2021. The last exact square happened on Christmas Eve, and, even though they will come very close to squaring each other again in mid October, they will not perfect this aspect again any time soon.

We are still walking in the shadow of 2021 in this respect, and we may not want to gamble so much fearing the consequences. Maybe you get cold feet, and think twice about making those changes. But remember that this is a calculated risk, this is something you thought through and you know that this is the time to do it.

Saturn sextile Mars in Sagittarius

But Saturn is also getting a pep talk from brave Mars in the bold sign of Sagittarius. Mars is poking cautious Saturn to go ahead, to support the changes that the new moon wants so much to carry through. Do you really still need, or even want, what you are so afraid to loose?

New Moon Synthesis

You know this is the time to be brave and do that risky move that you’ve been thinking about for a while. What do you need to break free from in order to feel more grounded and consistent with yourself? What have you been planning for some time and were just waiting for the moment you’d feel confidant enough to follow through?

Whatever it is you have to do you don’t have to do it all at once. Right now you just need to take the first step to make it real and manifested in your life. You’re not being impulsive, you’ve thought this through before. Take that step. You’ve got this!