New Moon in Gemini 2022 — Less talk, mor ...

New Moon in Gemini 2022 — Less talk, more work

May 27, 2022

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New Moon: 09˚ Gemini 03’ | BST: May.30.2022, 12:30 pm | EDT: May.30.2022, 07:30 am

I hope you took the opportunity brought by the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio two weeks ago to release whatever fear, anxiety or ghost from the past was poisoning you and preventing you from being healthier and happier. You don’t have to be done with this yet. It’s a process, give yourself time.

Meanwhile, the haziness from the previous month is gone — unless you’re having a hangover from the Piscean deep dive, like me — and we can feel everything picking up speed, things are more defined, and we also feel more active. But all this energy can quickly turn into carelessness, impetuosity and aggressiveness. Remember, ‘haste makes waste’.


The sign of the Twins is of the sociable Air element and mutable in modality, which offers them a multiple nature. They like to learn new things and to look at what they already know under a new perspective.

Curious, restless and agile, at their best they are great at finding and spreading information; at their worst they will use words to trick you and confuse you, jumping from idea to idea without any coherent line of thought.

Sextile to Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aries

Although the Moon is already moving away from the pleasant conversation with these two planets, it is very significant that feisty Mars is joining aggrandizing Jupiter just one day before the New Moon.

Aries is the diurnal home of Mars, and here the fight-loving planet can muscle its way ahead without answering to no one. Bountiful Jupiter will make sure that Mars’ battle cry is heard, boosting its speed and amplifying to the stratosphere its audacity.

The air is buzzing with activity, and the pace is very fast. We want to get things done we’re not stopping for nobody. The problem is, if no one stops, somebody is going to get in somebody else’s way, and the clash is inevitable. You may want to direct this energy to do some heavy lifting at work, at the gym, or with some personal project. But try to be mindful of yourself and of others, if you want to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus 

Mercury is receiving the Sun and the Moon from the neighboring sign of Taurus. The usually agile and adaptable Mercury tends to become slower, inflexible and even stubborn in this sign. The messenger planet is also retrograding, very slow and about to stop to return to its direct motion.

Mars wants you to run, but Mercury makes you stop. The best thing to do with this planetary weather is to roll up your sleeves and put your hands to a task that you can perform autonomously. Also, try to leave some time to rest, or at least to recover your breath and take a sip of water, coffee or tea — whatever you’re into.

On another perspective, you may feel like you want to go back and pick up some important discussion that you didn’t have the chance to have, or maybe you had, but you feel like you didn’t get the closure you needed. But is it really necessary? This is not the best time to have relevant conversations, words may come out clumsy, awkward or coarse, and it will be difficult to get your point across.

Mercury squaring Saturn in Aquarius

Another reason to stop and think before you talk is the hard influence of Saturn over the planet of communication. Saturn is a slow planet, it is known for slowing things down. As if that were not enough, the cold planet is about to stop, just like Mercury, but in this case to begin its backward motion.

On the one hand there’s work to be done, on the other you’ll hit some roadblocks. Until the first weekend of June, try to keep your schedule flexible and preferably avoid commitments that are too important to miss.

Because both these planets are changing direction, the square aspect that they seem to be moving towards will end up not perfecting. Maybe some sense of duty is keeping you from moving ahead, or your path is being blocked by some sort of authority. Patience is the keyword here. Whatever obstruction is constraining will soon fade away. Don’t push too hard, you don’t want to loose what you already got, but don’t give up.

New Moon Synthesis

The Gemini lunation begins with a powerful will to move forward along with unpredictable events that may slow you down. The trick is to focus on tasks that demand a lot of energy without going into competition with anyone else, and without depending on anyone else, as good as possible.

Remember also that this is not the best time to have meaningful dialogues or to sign important contracts — and definitely not the moment to ask for a raise…! Save your promises, your questions and your demands for close to the Full Moon, when Mercury is back in Gemini, its own sign, and out of Saturn’s way.

Where can you best focus your courage and direct your hard work? What job or chore can you do on your own, without commitments to anyone else and without someone looking over your shoulder? What issue have you been reviewing, revisiting, or was put on hold for the last couple of weeks? Can you let go of it or at least wait a couple more weeks for it to mature?

This lunar month, grab that work that you have been neglecting or that you haven't yet had the courage to pick up. You may also find the guts to turn your back on something that doesn't need to be said. Above all, remember to be mindful of your words and your actions.

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