Welcome to Dev Logs for Taco

A simple project manager that I planned to build for myself with a possible collaborative angle if the project gains enough traction.

We talked about what was done and pending in Taco previously and I'll talk about what was done the past 2 days since I only work on this on the weekends.

It's been a total of 4 weeks now and based on that plan I am to release Taco by 1st June, 2021 and While I plan to make the Alpha available for the folks on 1st, there's a slight set back that we'll go through.

The progress of the past 2 days include additional tests for the task creation, fetching and task assignment and task to project assignment. These are just tests, I haven't really completed integrating the functionality into the web app but the API's are ready for the following.

The other API's including being able to invite a member , I still have to clean up the email template because it doesn't really look as good to me but I was done with writing API so that's that.

Overall , a lot of time was spent re-drawing the tasks and projects screen because I lost the previous designs when the MacBook died last month, so the alternative screens for both were lost with it. Anyways that cost us about 4-5 hours of work and then I spent the remaining time for writing tests.

This brings us to the point that I may not be able to complete the promised MVP by 1st but at least the app's arch can now be scaled as much as I want so the future patches and feature additions should be easier and much faster.

I've built task managers before and no they don't take this long but this one did because I was rethinking everything I did unlike how I do most of my projects where I drop down and do what I wish to and then fix as time passes, the iterative approach works well and because I'm used to doing it , I'm a lot faster that way. The whole think all possibilities is kinda slowing me down but I'm happy with the output since it's stable to start with and let's see how it goes.

What about the delay?

There is no real delay, the 1st of June deadline is a deadline I set in my head , there's no investor waiting for me to complete it by that day nor is there a huge group of early adopters waiting on me, as most my projects are for me first and then for others who like the project, Taco is the same, I got enough time to spend on arch and integrations this time on a side project than I normally do. I normally drop down , setup a prototype and then arch around that prototype, Taco didn't need that since TillWhen acted as a prototype for Taco.

The Difference between the two is that one was built overnight as an experiment and the other is might become a proper business plan. Hopefully I get more time to work on Taco so I can make it an even better product that I wish other Project Manager apps to be.

The closest app to my liking is linear.app , but as always there's a few things I would like linear to do differently and hence taco exists.

That's about it for this log,