You wouldn't want to miss this book which is now available to download from Marine Café Blog.

'From the Log of the Velsa' is an engaging novel about the meanderings through Europe of the English yacht Velsa and its crew. It opens a window to past maritime customs and the challenges of sailing on a sail- and motor-powered yacht. The book was written by British novelist Arnold Bennett (1867—1931) and published in 1914.

The author has a wonderful way of describing people, places and events. An excerpt:

"As the yacht worked northward, Holland seemed to grow more Dutch, until, in the chain of shallow lakes and channels that hold Friesland in a sort of permanent baptism, we came to what was for me the ideal or celestial Holland--everything done by water, even grass cut under water, and black-and-white cows milked in the midst of ponds, and windmills over the eternal flatness used exclusively to shift inconvenient water from one level to another."

The illustrations are a joy to the eye as well.


Thank you, and enjoy reading.