Hi everyone!

Welcome to my "buy me a coffee" account. I have been thinking about joining this page for a long time. A lot of you, my supporters and followers, write me everyday. A lot of you are excited and like my posts. As you know, I post pictures of paintings by famous artists all around the world from every period. I spend a lot of time searching for these paintings, finding their names, authors, locations etc. I also love to do some "games" on my Instagram stories, I love to ask you about your favourite paintings or historical buildings, places etc. Sometimes I feel like I know many of you and what you love about art. And because it's impossible to meet every one of my followers, this page has an incredible feature-you can buy me a virtual coffee! I don't want to ask you to send me money. I have not made my account in order to earn money. I made my Instagram account in order to entertain lovers of art and not to earn money. But I think it's a great opportunity to, at least virtually, have a "coffee" with you. I will personally send you a thank you message on Instagram and tag you in my next post!

If you decide to support me and buy me a coffee, thank you! I'm forever grateful and excited to virtually meet you!

Yours sincerely,

Baroque & Rococo & Art :)