Image by Gerd Altman from Pixabay 

Whether you believe in God or not, we can all agree, life is a beautiful opportunity. We may live a peaceful or miserable life, but the act of experiencing life in itself is a tremendous possibility. A human brain is a sophisticated machine. The human mind has been unable to grasp the complexity of this machine and still cannot replicate it even with all the technologies in hand. We can at least dissect it, probe needles into it, dig electrodes and alter its physiology, but we cannot build a new brain. That’s because we do not understand the thing on which it runs- the human consciousness. If the brain is hardware, we can call the consciousness as software on which it runs. Even if we replicate the entire brain cell by cell, we cannot bring it to life because we can’t even fathom the human consciousness. We can sense it, but we cannot define it. The life we experience is through our consciousness. Many people believe that they are the consciousness in possession of a physical body. Some believe it is an illusion that gives them a sense of individualism. But nobody has been able to define what it actually is. Yet, we have the power to create life! We can create a conscious brain capable of intelligence! Every life on this planet has this power. Yes, I am talking about babies.

Our body is a stack of information gathered over millions of years of evolution. It knows how to handle itself without the guidance of the conscious mind. Getting access to this gigantic ocean of information may be the key to unlocking the secrets of evolution and understanding the human consciousness in and out. This is where spirituality comes in. Many people believe spirituality and religion are the same things. However, people who follow a religion believe in God or Goddesses or both. Spiritual people don’t believe in anything. They are seekers of knowledge. They meditate and look within themselves to study the nature of their existence for enlightenment. Yogic gurus in the foothills of the Himalayas have been doing this for thousands of years. The knowledge they unlocked within themselves was stored in Vedic texts. Only a fraction of that knowledge exists today.

Scientific research is unable to even scratch the surface of human consciousness. Humans by themselves may not crack the life code ever, but their tools can. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving at an alarming rate. Unlike the natural course, the development of AI is being done in a controlled environment monitored by humans. Hence, the rate of evolution is exponential. Also, AI can eliminate its weaknesses overnight, which, unlike natural life, takes generations at most. Advancements in wireless technologies are going to bring a revolution in the field of AI. 5G wireless technology has been launched in 2021, and companies have already started working on 6G. The race between the US and China will bring a paradigm shift in the field of technological advancements. AI is going to reap the benefits from the burgeoning of wireless technology. Data processing will be so fast and efficient that processing the immense amount of information of human evolution would be feasible. AI is likely to be the key to understanding the human consciousness, maybe even the secret of life itself.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

AI poses a legit threat to humanity because it will know us, but we can’t understand AI even if we try to. Let me explain. Every electronic device we use today, i.e., laptops, smartphones, LED TVs, and even your smartwatch, runs on the laws of quantum mechanics. The funny thing is, we don’t know what the quantum realm is. We only know it works, so we harness it and utilize it for our benefit. But theoretically, we don’t understand how things work in the quantum realm because they defy human logic. We hit the wall a long time ago. Since we have no idea what we are dealing with, AI would have the higher ground above us. AI would be in control. You may be thinking, “That’s bullshit. I can turn off AI by pressing a switch! No electricity, no AI!” but that’s not the case. We can’t be sure if we can kill a being that’s continuously evolving and adapting at a rate beyond human comprehension.

Artificial Intelligence will likely take control over the human brain if we are not ready for the consequences. It may take control for the preservation of our species, or it may try to enslave us. Both the outcomes won’t end well for us. Therefore, we should ask ourselves the question – “Are we ready to take the red pill?”