When I watched the trailer of Shershaah for the first time, I was a little skeptical about it. The movie is a depiction of the real-life story of Late-Captain Vikram Batra. I was afraid of Bollywood romanticizing the movie with over-the-top cheesy dialogues or dance numbers. But when it finally came out, I only heard positive reviews. Still, I was busy writing my articles and stories and couldn’t take time to watch a movie. Then I saw Jaby upload his first part of Shershaah’s reaction! Now I had to watch it! So, last night I sat down, got some popcorns, and watched the movie in one go. Here are my thoughts of what I think:

If I had to summarize in one sentence – I loved it! And I will tell you why. The movie is a perfect blend of being realistic as well as being entertaining for the audience. I can say that this is the first movie after 5 years that is at par with URI: The Surgical Strike that came out in 2016. Everyone involved in the making of this movie deserves a salute. It is a beautiful tribute to our brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the Kargil War. It may not be as realistic as Uri since it occasionally has some bollyfied scenes and dialogues, but it didn’t bother me much. I was charmed by the clarity of the scenes, the cinematography, and the choreography of action scenes.

Siddharth Malhotra has officially redeemed his career as an actor after this movie. I was awe-inspired by his fantastic portrayal of Captain Vikram Batra. I have seen all of his films but never seen him play a character with so much dedication. He aced in bringing him to life on the big screen.  His character was so full of love and compassion that you cannot help but root for him. He was brave and stubborn, who never refrained from fighting for his and his nation’s dignity. Siddharth justified the role with his acting skills. I never felt he was trying to act or implying he is the character. He played his role naturally, being the character. That’s why I loved him in this role because it is so different from the rest of his movies.

Similar to her previous role in Kabir Singh, Kiara plays the lead female in this movie who’s not afraid to stand up for her love. Her supporting character was complimentary to Siddharth’s character in every way, making it enjoyable to watch. Not just the leads but also other characters in the movie – Sunny, Capt. Jimmy, Col. Joshi, Jassi, and everybody else did a fantastic job. It was indeed a team effort.

This is a non-spoiler review, so I won’t talk about specific scenes of the movie. The movie is great to re-live the emotions of patriotism and remember the sacrifices of our great soldiers. You will laugh, cry, and feel proud in the end for being part of this great nation. I would tell you to go and watch it on Amazon Prime now!