Buy Veronica LaVery a coffee

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Hi everyone 🤗 Now you can show me your support by buying me a simple coffee, turmeric latte or even a chai latte 😇☕️

👅make it non dairy, preferably with coconut milk & extra foam & I'll adore you just like Timmy adores chicken jerky treats 🐶🍼

much love, hugs and a biiiig kiss to all of you 💓

Someone bought 3 coffees.
César bought 3 coffees.

✌🏽 I ho or you having a good day!! We need to shoot again soon!! 😬

Someone bought 3 coffees.
@MartnezDavid bought a coffee.

For the most pretty model in Fb 😉, I hope make you smile 

thank you David! :) <-- see, a smile lol