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Hello! This page is for a Black Desert Online hack & cheat tool for all the official clients (NA/EU/SA/SEA/KOR/TH/etc.).

See videos of the BDO hack/cheat here

BDO Speeder will also work with GamezBD, PrimeBD, Melissia, DreamBDO, MoonBD, and any private server running version 376350. I’ve tried to make it as simple and covert as possible. Please follow the instructions in the Readme file. (Installation is now very easy.) As of this moment, it allows you to:

—teleport to waymarks, to crosshair, to coordinates, up/down, etc.,

—increase movement speed,

—increase attack speed,

—increase cast speed,

—increase mount/ship speed to whatever you want,

—increase animation speed to whatever you want (allowing for extremely quick attacks),

—hack cooldowns to always have their full effect; timers cannot be hacked,

—program combat & gathering bots,

—increase max zoom level to whatever you want,

—remove/freeze all mobs (client-side),

—use potions automatically,

—and more!

I will be updating the tool regularly with new addresses every week.

Discord: Make sure you link your Buy Me a Coffee account to your Discord account or you won't be able to post.

For obvious reasons, I do not offer refunds except, at my sole discretion, in rare situations where we cannot get the tool to work for you.

Thank you!

See my other tools & payment options here:

Contact: [email protected] (or via Discord if you are an active member)

Speeder Cheats respects “Black Desert Online” as a registered trademark and uses it solely to describe what the cheat can be used for. It has no bearing on the cheat or the cheat’s name (“Speeder”).