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My dream is Honda CB500F. Let's help me to get my own! :)

Hello Crew,

Please read it carefully :)

As I know, BDSMLR.COM does not currently have its own API. There are rumors that it is being implemented, but nobody knows when it appears.

During the heyday of Tumblr, there were a lot of tools for archiving blogs on the Internet. Let's not fool ourselves - to download their content to our disks. Well, who doesn't like to do it? :)

Taking advantage of free time, I decided to write my own tool. As you will see in the screenshots here, it is the console application. However, don't worry about it. If the application enjoys increasing popularity, a windowed version will certainly appear.

As I don't currently do any paid work, I decided to devote myself to passion and raise some money for my own purpose, which is a motorcycle.

Yes, so I strongly encourage you to buy a full version of my app. 

For only $20 (5x beer) I provide the full version without any functional restrictions with a lifetime license. As long as I support the project, the license will last. In addition, I am wide open to any suggestions, changes, introducing a new functionalities, etc. If there is something missing, please let me know by email and it will definitely appear in the next version.

It is possible to buy a trial version (price-list below), but I limited its functionality to such an extent that using it after some time drives you crazy :D


$4 (1x beer) - license for 3 days

$8 (2x beers) - license for 7 days

$12 (3x beers) - license for 15 days

$16 (4x beers) - license for 30 days

$20 (5x beers) - lifetime license

If you buy a version for 3 days for one beer and you like the application so much that you will want more (full version), buying 4 beers more will be enough. You don't have to pay the full amount for the full version.

Download here.

For more details email me: [email protected]


My dream is Honda CB500F. Let's help me to get my own! :)