Companionship: Pet Rescue

Dec 03, 2021

COMPANIONSHIP, LONELINESS OR WANT A PET: Rescuing a pet is one of the best ways I know to get unconditional love. The website below lets you find pets in your area. Just enter your zip code.

LOW INCOME PET OWNERSHIP: Now I know money can be tight so let me tell you some ways around this. Many shelters get full. They will typically have a discount adoption day, the pets can be as little as $20. There should be a link on their website to get on their email list. Yes, you get emails for donations but you also get information, like on when they have a discount day.

If you find a pet online always call the shelter to make sure it is still there. They don't always updated their website. If you have the ability go to a shelter to visit regularly. It is a great way to see what is available. On that note VOLUNTEERING at a shelter can be very rewarding and honestly gives you a good idea of what pets are available. You can get first "peek" at new arrivals.

WORRIED YOU CAN'T AFFORD PET FOOD: Some shelters will give out dog food and cat food. Even some food banks will give you pet food. There is also quality food at discount stores such as Dollar Tree. My daughter went through a rough spot, "see the sliver lining game'. She was able to continue to feed her cats with about $5 of cat food per week.

PET CARE: If you get a pet through a shelter they will be up to date on their shots and spayed or neutered. Shelters typically have a annual "VACCINATION DAY" where you can get your pet's shots updated for roughly $20. Many shelters and pet societies also have "SCHLOARSHIPS" for people that need vet care for their pets.

OH BOY, I looked at the website to make sure the link was correct. There are too many CUTE babies near me. LOL https://www.petfinder.com/

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