I'm an Empower-er

Dec 03, 2021

I told someone what I do the other day. He said "so you are an influencer". Nope, I write about things that affect me. I help people that need help. I'm not going to tell you which car to buy or be paid to help you decide on anything. I will definitely share my opinions. You can't pay me NOT to share those. lol.

EMPOWERER is a better word. I'm going to offer you advice, help you find resources or come up with solutions. I'm a cheerleader on your side. I did create a website for resources. I do have page sponsors but I tell you this, they have to be "lgbtq" friendly. If I find out they aren't I won't do business with them. There is no amount I will take to support someone's hate of another human being.

I've been delighted with the LOVE & LIGHT I received from my interactions with people on groups who ask questions. Some of you know I'm an ADVOCATE in my area, however I am getting requests for assitance is other states. There was a post about "WHAT DO YOU NEED" I'm fairly content helping people but I would love to have someone "BUYMECOFFEE" or some more MEMBERS for my blog posts. That would be cool. :D

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