Seeking Joy

Feb 19, 2022

MY INTENTION TO SEEK JOY: I set my intentions the other day. To say I have been driven by my business is an understatement. My online directory has over 520 entries and counting. It has taken a lot of my energy.

My OLD intentions for the last few months have been to "create something that will lite the imagination of my customers that they would open their pockets to pay me for the possibilities". I can't find my sticky note, so I don't have the exact words.

I changed my intention for the full moon to, "I intend to find joy". I've had 2 sponsors PAY me for an opportunity to be highlighted in the Directory in the last 2 days. This will definitely pay our crazy electric bill. Ours was double in February. How was yours?

I have offered a "Share the love " half off discount which I haven't advertised because I didn't want to be overwhelmed. Teaching myself web design has been an adventure. It's still hard for me to ask people for money. I struggle with emailing people inquiring about being a sponsor. Even though this is the only way I make money from my website. There may be other ways to get support, I'm considering a patreon. I can hold classes, VISION BOARD, ACTIVISM, I can definitely teach SIMPLE GOOGLE SITES Web design. Ha

BEING FREE TO OFFER LOVE: I often speak to people for free. I cannot, will not stop that. People need support. I say the universe puts me where I am supposed to be with who I'm supposed to speak too. Being available to people is one of my greatest joys. I add entries to the directory on a steady basis. This is also at no charge. Directories should be FULL OF LOVE AND SUPPORT. Especially an LGBTQ Friendly directory.

MY OTHER JOY: I have a list of even more entries to add this month but my other joy, my son will be ready to do activities soon, so I better recharge this phone and my " mom of a special needs person " batteries before then.

The lesson here is intending to SEEK JOY was the better choice. Take care everyone.

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