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I offer services to small businesses either just starting in the seed phase or looking to scale. This includes services to entrepreneurs and startups. So if you’re following along and finding value in anything I post or share, thank you. Your support is a gem.
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My name is Glenn R. Beaver, Jr. I’m the creative director of BeaversDen - General Media. My website is listed below. I create all kinds of media. My site is used for helping small businesses with advertising, marketing and public relations. My business is designing media, obtaining licensing for external media use, creating music and jingles and I have a few podcast series. 

I engineer audio. I illustrate. I write songs and jingles. I capture, mix and master audio for videos. I design logos. I create pipelines and I service applications, from creating to integration. I advertise. I do marketing for small business. I do SEO. I monitor analytics where available. I create websites, landing pages, and other web pages. I partner and develop with applications such as Shopify, Facebook Business pages, Amazon, a few different CRM programs and I have front end experience with Wordpress. I create ads, manage campaigns and do consulting with advertising. I create press releases and presentations. I manage ratings and reviews. I maintain a blog and write copy. I create banner ads, native ads, promotions of all types, flyers and business cards. I create branding materials such as labels for products. And I operate with both copyrights and licensing of The Creative Commons.