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Hey, 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!  It took me almost 7 years to see my children. I had to battle many false allegations and navigate the family court and criminal court system.   I have started a wellness-based YouTube Channel and I am creating a software platform to help other parents going through nasty divorces.  Also, I will be starting a Blog reviewing products new and old for stress relief and related.  

  I have them now and I have started a YouTube Channel to do interviews with Yoga instructors, Fitness professionals, Entrepreneurs and other interesting people to find out their self-care routines.  These videos will be posted randomly as I also have relaxing videos as well.  

I will be posting a daily ice bath or cold ocean/pond dip to raise funds for the mental health association but will be hoping to get some love through buy me a coffee to offset the costs of bags of ice.  There will also be links to the fundraiser pages of mental health associations on my YouTube Channel and social media accounts 

Any help by donating or sharing on your social media is greatly appreciated.  


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