Today’s post was (at its title suggests) inspired by the magical breakthroughs and shifts that I experienced this weekend. 

As a whole, this past month has been filled with so much releasing and reclaiming, and I feel like I’ve finally arrived at…I wouldn’t call it the “endpoint,” because I believe that we are constantly shedding layers and evolving. 

I would say I’ve arrived at a really exciting checkpoint. And this is the furthest along in the “game of life” that I’ve gotten. It feels like such a big accomplishment worth celebrating by sharing and maybe even inspiring you as well. 

As I was going through my spiritual reading and reflecting—something that has become a staple in my daily routine—the content struck me in a particularly different way. More powerfully than usual. 

It hit me that if we are here in physical form to play and create, then fear, worry, and doubt really are nothing but choices we make to separate ourselves from our unlimited power. 

If our imagination is boundless, and we can daydream about anything and everything we desire…then the logical part of our mind is merely the bouncer keeping us out of our own party. At any point, we can say, “step aside,” and we will be let in to experience all that our hearts desire. But we give our logical minds far more power of us—the creators. 

I finally just said, “fuck this.” 

It simply doesn’t make sense that we’re here on this Earth to suffer. Why would we be given gifts and talents if we were meant to never use them? Why would we be given dreams if we were aren’t supposed to witness them to unfold?

From now on, I’m going to have fun and prioritize what I love doing the most. I’m going to follow my heart and let my intuition guide me every step of the way. 

And I’m going to let my desires be enough. I’m going to allow myself as I am today to be enough to receive them. I’m not going to wallow and wonder if anything I want to experience is ever going to arrive. It will. 

My desires are the only reality. 

While I was leading with my intuition before, there were many areas of my life where I withheld my own access to the unlimited power within me.

I told myself stories about how I couldn’t have this or that because I didn’t work hard enough for it, but that isn’t how creation works. We don’t actually have to earn anything. It’s as simple as deciding what we want and allowing it to all fall into place in the most effortless way possible. As I mentioned before, all limitations are self-imposed, and can be dropped as soon as we decide to declare, “fuck this.” 

My new aim is to trust that all of my desires are on their way the moment I decide that I want to experience them. 

I read something cool on a manifestation-based blog called I Am Love. The author said that our desires START and live within us, they have never been separate from us. WE are the ones who birth our desires into reality. 

What we want isn’t outside of us…waiting for us to claim it. It’s already within us, waiting for us to say YES and bring it into physical reality. 

Our only job is to witness how it all unfolds, and be certain that what we want to experience is inevitable. 

How beautiful and exciting is it to know that the struggling and suffering is not required? That we can relax in the knowing that it’s all on its way? 

How comforting is it to know that the only thing we have to do is be CERTAIN it’s all here now, as inner extensions of our true selves, and just TRUST the process? 

I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m always in a trusting state, or that worry and fear doesn’t creep up within me from time to time. But I am finding it a lot easier to return to trust and certainty. I’m even noticing myself smiling more, and eagerly anticipating what’s to come in a much more relaxed manner. 

After all, everything is simply responding to me. The world is mirroring back to me the way I feel about myself and what’s possible for me. 

When we view life from this perspective, why on earth would we bother with anything less than our dreams?