All you ever need is inside of you.
Healing isn’t really about changing yourself, if you think about it.

Healing is about BECOMING you.

All of who you are.

Throughout this and other lifetimes we’ve gone along picking up stuff from outsides ourselves:

Other peoples’ beliefs, pattern, habits, theories, energies and emotions.

One of the top most important things I have learned is that, in order to be truly happy, peaceful and free ~ in order to SHINE ~ we need to remove the accumulations from others and discover/uncover/rediscover who we are at our core.

I know for my Tribe of Magical Messengers, carrying other peoples’ beliefs, energy and emotional baggage can be a huge hindrance standing in the way of forward movement.

I hear from you guys often that you feel stuck. That you have all these things you want to do, several projects going on, creations bubbling up in you left and right – and you go along doing all the things for a while and then just slow down to a full halt, and can’t seem to get started up again.

I get this. I have felt this myself in the recent past, and as I mentioned in the last email I’ve been releasing some really UGH icky old stuff from Witch Wounds. (banning, banishing, ridiculing, punishing, imprisoning, torturing, killing…the list goes on) 

The good news is that when I pinpoint exactly why I am feeling so weird, or have a peculiar physical symptom for no reason, etc., the reason is acknowledged, and therefore feels seen, heard and loved – and that’s all it ever wanted, is to be witnessed ~ so its purpose is complete, and the old block is released.

And I feel lighter ~ free to get moving forward on all the fun creations that bring me joy and fulfillment.

That’s a huge part of what we do in SHINE Visibility Portal. Pinpointing, acknowleding, releasing.

Deep Self-Love.

Releasing anything and everything that is not OURS – has never been ours.

Letting go of IT ALL, little by little exposing ourselves as the miraculously faceted diamonds we have always been at our core.

Secret diamonds. 

I can feel my diamond self is ready to be revealed. 

I’ve been peeling back the “Not-Mine” energy powerfully – and to just let go, sit back and feel the forward motion activate is a most freeing feeling.

As we release we don’t really need to do much. 

Just feel.

And as we release, some of what comes up on the way out can feel hurtful – old pain from being abused by others (whether they knew what they were doing or not – usually not – they were simply reinacting what had been done to them in the past) – these are things that our minds may have believed to be true about ourselves, because why else would they say that to us, or act in those ways towards us?

Even people in my life now have been saying things in conversations that ~ if I were not aware of energy and the reasons why things happen ~ would be very hurtful to me.

Past versions of me would internalize these statements or opinions and allow them to keep me small, hidden.

{Secret diamond}

But now, as I hear these things coming out of their mouths, I realize they don’t even know what the hell they are saying. It’s true! 

When I am present to the energies that are playing out, and a disempowering phrase floats out of the mouth of a loved one and flows towards me, I can watch it in slow motion and see it for what it really is: Their own pain.

Not mine. Not-Mine.

So I blow on the floating phrase with my Magical Breath and watch it flow back towards the impained one. It floats back into their head, because it is their responsibility to deal with and heal their own pain.



It feels very beautiful to be present to their pain without taking it on.

It’s literally taken me lifetimes to learn this.

I don’t – we don’t – EVER need to embody other peoples’ trauma.


It’s one thing to understand where they’re coming from.

And, of course, as Alchemists, Shamans, Sorcerers and Starseeds, it is our JOB to understand where they are coming from, in order to be their mirrors so they can clearly see where they need to heal within.

But it is not our jobs to do this for anyone who does not come to us with a willingness to metamorphose and transmute from heavy

We NEVER need to take on their pain.

Theirs, or anyone’s, ever again.


In the SHINE Visibility Portal, we get free.

Shedding old false selves.

Uncovering our Secret Diamonds – revealing them as SACRED DIAMONDS.

From secret to sacred, seen, heard, and LOVED

by our True Soul Tribes ~ 

the ones who’ve been waiting for us ~

at times for centuries.

We come together


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