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Hey there :) I created this blog to share, to entertain, to educate and to inspire - you can read my posts, check out my photo albums and buy me a coffee. You can also become a member if you decide you would like to work a little closer with me.

My sharing is firstly for me, to help stay on the path towards living my best life, which includes some logic with a dash of magic and a bit of structure, and in the process fulfil some destiny and share this with you. Along with some practical tips to help your body and your mind and some out there info to expand your brain and awaken your higher consciousness...

We are having fun on this adventure, hanging at the beaches, exploring forests and nature across the world and sharing inspo and info to help others enjoy the ride too.

I am a coach and healthy life activist, I help mainly humans to live their best life and to feel consciously great while doing it.
I’ve got a really varied background and totally understand what it’s like to be stressed and burnt out and have disease strike as a wake up call to slow down. 
I wasn’t always like this - I have always had magical energy and hidden skills and a secret love for nature and amazement of the human body and innate intelligence -  but I was boring AF and thought I needed to be serious, dress in a suit, run companies and who cares about the plastic in the ocean - we need to keep expanding our market share and making more profit and screwing every last cent out while smiling at the same time and drinking more wine, oh and while we are at it, let’s make sure we trim the company fat and get rid of some of these workers and load up the others - or better yet - go off shore! 
I don’t even recognise who I was 10 years ago let alone 20 years ago and I wish the same for you.
I really love where I live, I love who I am, I love that I married my Jesse and our fur babies, I love being fit and active and challenging my body and looking after everything that is around me and I love seeing people happy and actually just being nice.
Life is to be lived with enjoyment so let’s make sure we do that!

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