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Gives Praise - the twelfth clan mother

Gives Praise - the twelfth clan mother

Dec 05, 2020

Teaching, coaching, mentoring is my jam - I like helping others by sharing information and stories in a way that helps you to be able to understand and apply. If I can help over a million people to live their best lives then I will have reached my goal and sharing about the clan mothers from the book, the 13 Original clan mothers by Jamie Sams (you can purchase via the link in the YouTube video description), is one of the ways I get to do this.

We have 13 full moons in a year and it has been 4 years - at the time of writing this - that I’ve been studying and learning this ancient teaching for myself and it appears this year I got it mastered enough to be able to start sharing.

Gives Praise, the twelfth clan mother, is represented with the colour purple and is the clan mother to help humans with gratitude for all of life’s experiences while also seeing the magic that is within us and others and allowing that to develop and shine through, knowing that indeed it always will for those humans willing to talk the journey with great spirit.

Here is the video for this month, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if this resonates or the way I teach does. There are other topics that I share about on the channel and it will continue to grow, as will the membership side of this little space with member only content and monthly group catch ups, so jump on and become a member by clicking on the membership button or buy me a coffee and become a supporter.

Thankyou for helping me to continue sharing and teaching in the world 🙏🌎🌱🎩🧰

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