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On the other side again - what a day

Jun 29, 2021

Well after yesterday’s experience into despair and sadness I’ve made it through to the other side.... again.... it isn’t that I’m up and down, it’s more like I’m level for a while and then after a large amount of stress and pressure I shatter. The pressure the last few weeks has been rather high and I’m pretty sure if we look at data on the barometric pressure and the Schumann frequency I think it may show the build up too. Just my theory or thought, and I might go analyse that after this whole journey is over but right now I’m in it and knowing that really doesn’t make life any less pressurised.

What I have found is that when I hit below rock bottom I will often experience a reset. Like as if someone defeats and then wipes my computer or device and restores it to factory settings. Only they leave skills behind and impart some additional knowledge or codes. Maybe we could say I get shut down to allow for a system upgrade to take place without me interfering in it? But anyway, that is what seems to make sense and describe what happens.

The spin had come from not feeling comfortable, from living in confinement and with externally imposed restrictions. We are all able to influence how we respond and navigate challenges and restrictions and I needed to learn some new ways, or be given new lenses for my eyes to see the world differently - maybe you need this to happen too? I do pray it’s not as intense as what it has been for me, maybe you could see the signs earlier and learn faster, or maybe you will not be the soul that chose to do the big clearing job for the ancestral lines - let’s see.

If you need a hand to navigate and think this may help then know that tears and sobbing or screaming will probably be a part of it - ok 👍😊

So today’s journey, being only just over the line, included more storage sorting and necessary paperwork for the bike to be done. I had a great time talking with Rex, he is such a cool dude, shared his stories of riding a motorbike across Australia a few times - mind you I think I was only 1 when he was doing it.... and then we laughed about different circumstances and how you can end up in places you never imagined as a result of interactions with others and often via doing dumb shit. It was exactly the convo I needed in that moment. He lifted my spirits, told me I’ll be right and sent me on my way after offering to buy the bike if I decide not to ride it home! From my convo with Rex I got to laugh with the ladies at the post office about having a mask on upside down (because that’s what I do...) and happily packed up stuff to send home, beautiful resources and products to send to others and then open and sort my own parcels into what I need to use and then what I need for the trip.

My day didn’t start too bad either, I did still struggle to want to get out of bed but I got up, I made my green protein smoothie, I did an awesome high intensity cardio workout I made up, I picked up the rubbish others dropped on the soccer fields 😢 - might do a blog about this too... - and then I smothered myself in a special oil blend for abundance and courage, logged onto Facebook in time to attend a live training - which totally triggered me- and get a pretty clear sign of what to do next. Or more so what to actually devote time to and do going forward.

Before I began the training (after I’d made a cuppa and gotten my post workout/morning tea sorted as pictured above) I sat wondering how I can help change the course of our lives so that we can be self sufficient and live fully expanded. I was so upset today because our babies have to spend more time being looked after because their dad can’t come home when he is meant to because flights have been shut down, but in reality too if we were living in alignment maybe he could just do what he loves and we could be together all the time instead of him having to go away for work...... that’s a whole other d&m sesh right there too....Back to the story - I thought to myself, well fuck, there isn’t much I can do right now living te porsrily in limbo so maybe I need to go back to trying to build a dōTERRA business online, I mean I do love essential oils and teaching and sharing and I am qualified to do that.... but I gazed into space and shouted in my head - well, what do you want me to do!! I need a sign here guys, come on! And then proceeded to log on for the training, do a few posts and check emails. Then my phone rang....

It was a number I didn’t know - at least it was a number... - and I normally do not answer the phone to anyone I don’t know. So before I ignored it I asked myself should I answer it, and I got a yes, it’s ok.

The woman asked me, is this Be Hutchinson? I nearly said no (I know right - everyone else can see the sign.... 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️) but I slowly said yeesss, then came the ding in my head (it was actually very soft at first) and she told me her name and why she was calling.

I was on her follow up list for a seminar I did about 8 months ago, it was on being your own author in 48 hours and a package to publish, and at that time I’d pretty much written a short course and outline for a book based on my transition and life changing journey culminating in the move across the country. But I did nothing with it. I had left it and thought yep, when I’m ready I’ll publish that content, share those video blogs, do a course and help people on the whole journey. But then I got really busy. When I told her where I was at I bit back tears again realising I’m at exactly the same point I was physically a little over 12 months ago, only with more experiences and a richer journey, and that it felt like a take 2 on my first book idea (this was where the ding in my head got heaps louder). She laughed and asked me what I meant. I summed it up about how I was planning on using my story with analogies of crossing borders, of packing up of shedding skins and of the tools I used to keep the body and mind strong and she said it sounds great! And how similar it was to how she did her book - only hers is on menopause, her journey peeking the layers off and she called it the Onion Lady! I laughed but cried at the same time and just said I couldn’t comprehend doing a seminar right now or writing my book - and could she put me on her call list for another 3 months time. She was happy to and I have no doubt she did. BUT guys, here is the thing, I got off that call feeling bewildered, I had asked for a sign just before it, a fucken clear sign mind you, and was thinking about it the whole way through the training, which was triggering the crap out of me btw! (Triggering means irritating me as it was against my belief/ideas/personal preference/opinions and I’d normally turn it off but made myself buckle up and listen), yet I didn’t realise the random call wasn’t random and was the sign I’d asked for - enter foghorn in mind now instead of ding.... iMessages y friend who was delivering the training, who is a fabulous coach, and also laughs a fair bit with me or maybe at me 🤔, and she was in total agreeance on the sign message. The kind of agreeance which results in a few yeses and then a gif lol. I used that word twice because apparently it’s not common and hasn’t been used since the 19th century.... well fuck me... thanks for telling me I’m old Google....

And at the end of this what am I doing now? I’m sharing my content via this blog, I’m doing messy writing and just saying random shit but it’s all my story and it seems to me that what the universe, source, higher self, god (whatever works for you) wants me to do is write the book, or is it more about getting the content out and helping others in the process 🤔🤣 let’s see shall we.

And let’s see what messages via songs or dreams come through tonight or messages via other peoples communication with me directly. At least I chose to stay earth side hey....

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