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My Little man

Apr 11, 2021

My little man,

You have brought me to tears

Both in happiness 

And frustration

You are my everything

I wish I could do more for you

I want to keep those cries

From coming out of you

I want to understand you

Lately I feel like we are disconnected

It’s only been a couple weeks

but it feels like I’ve known you longer

Your smile and big eyes

melt my heart encrusted with ice

Your little noises and milk drunk face

has a way to make my heart go at a different pace

You can’t help it, that I know

I just need a little time to grow

No one can prepare you for this

You can read a hundred books

and still not be able to get this


I love you more than you will ever know

I hope as you age, you’ll feel it more

I love how you grab my finger with 

your tiny little hands

I love you, my little man

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