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We-Learn Wednesday: April 20, 2022

Apr 21, 2022

This week’s We-Learn Wednesday sweets:  Queer leadership, creating accessible content, free Scrum resources, training program KPIs, BIPOC representation in tech, planning a productive year, and 100+ free coding courses!

It’s Wednesday, gang!  Today’s epic We-Learn Weekly goodie drop is here to help you glide through the rest of the week on the wings of knowledge!  Wow, could I be any dorkier?  I really hope so!  

If you have any resources or events you feel would be helpful to the community, be sure to contact me with the details so I can share the goodies with everyone!

Note:  Clicking on the titles below will take you directly to the resources being offered.  I’ve also included the links in the description, as well as other helpful links.

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Queer Leadership 101: How to Grow Your Empathic Leadership Skills | May 3, 2022

Image source: We Create Space

We Create Space‘s Queer Leadership 101 series is amazing, gang!  I’ve attended several of these webinars and workshops and always grow so much from each one!  This QL101 is focusing on growing your empathic leadership skills.   In this webinar, we’ll learn how to create more inclusive cultures at work, feel empowered to support others, increase our positive impact in the world, and more.  I’d love to see you there!

Creating Accessible Content: The Inclusion Challenge | May 26, 2022

I am super excited about this event, but you all know I get excited about accessibility all the time.  Accessibility is often overlooked when it comes to web materials, emails, and social media posts.  Many think that if the website is accessible then all is good to go!  The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) is hosting a free webinar on creating accessible and inclusive content.  They’ll also be covering how accessible content can boost a site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and visibility!

Free Scrum Resources

Scrum… it’s the weirdest name for one of the best ways to project manage!  ScrumStudy has created a list of free Scrum resources.  It includes free training webinars, a LinkedIn group, and more!

Key Performance Indicators for Every Stage of Your Training Program

Training Magazine Network has designed a super cool infographic on Key Performance Indicators for every stage of a training program.  You’ll need to be logged in to download the content (it’s free to join and packed with resources).  There’s some awesome bonus content at the end of the infographic, too!

Why Representation in Tech Matters: Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Leaders Share Their Thoughts

I’m obsessed with Salesforce.  No shame – it’s a great obsession to have!  They’ve put together a thought-provoking article acknowledging the underrepresentation of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous folks in tech and why it matters.  The article also offers thoughts from BIPOC leaders, such as Mj Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson, and Tommy Orange.

How to Create an Organized Productivity Plan for the Year

4 quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix: Urgent and Not Urgent across the top and Important and Not Important on the side.Image source: NTask

Productivity is always an issue for me.  It’s not that I am not productive, but I am often not organized and lose out on optimal productivity.  You know, work smarter, not harder!  Being neurodivergent, I rely a lot on planning things out, sticking to routines, and having lots of alarms and reminders!  NTask has put together an amazing article on creating an organized productivity plan for the year that covers how to boost your productivity, what a productivity plan is, and how to build one for the year!  One of the recommendations is to use the Eisenhower Matrix, as shown above, which I am a huge fan of!

Learn How To Code In 2022 With These Free Online Classes

Skillcrush has put together a massive collection of more than 100 ways to learn to code online for free!  For anyone who has ever felt intimidated to try to learn code, this is a great way to get started!  Lots of web developers and coders are self-taught (myself included) and the Web is filled with some amazing resources.  

Free Code Camp's graphical banner of a stream running through the woods with a wooden sign. On the sign is Image source: freeCodeCamp's GitHub

My favorite free coding resource is freeCodeCamp.  They’re a non-profit offering free coding courses and certifications.  The certifications are well-respected in the community, as well – folks get jobs at some of the big companies like Microsoft and Spotify with these free certifications!

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