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Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my podcast about his bobness, please consider buying me a coffee. The pod basically runs on caffeine 

Ben x

A War of Two Halves
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keep up the good work! have a latte on me 👍🏼

Eamonn, Ireland
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Love the shows. especially the less celebrated albums, im finding loads to enjoy in them!
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your podcast is alwas insightful and ebtertaining. Thank you

Thank you so much Sharon! 

J Douglas Motion
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Very glad I stumbled on your excellent podcast Ben, as we all shelter from this never ending storm, really enjoying it, and pleased to support from here in Saudi...the in depth religious period episodes fascincinated this particular infidel, and I've been hit with a weird thought....what if the Bob had done a Cat and embrassed Islam instead of Christianity ....would the world be any better? Wouldn't have sold as many records I suspect! Stay Free and Play the Clash!

That's really interesting! I suspect yes, he wouldn't have sold as many records. Would have been fascinating to hear though.... Thanks for the coffee! 

Reference Pour Down Like Silver by Richard and Linda Thompson 

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Thanks Ben! If I had more money, I'd buy you 20 coffees ... Really enjoying your podcast in these bleak times. Never wanted an analyses of Bob's songs - they either hit you or they don't BUT after decades of listening to and playing Dylan songs, it's now safe to hear people's (your) take on them (safe because I don't want to forget what they "felt" like before they were "taken apart" - you see, most of Bob's songs are very dear to me).You're doing a great job and I learned a lot and you and all things Dylan are helping to forget for a bit that we are living in difficult times  ... Thank you!

Ah! Thanks Anja - appreciate that!