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Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my podcast about his bobness or my audio drama From An Island, or even my daily show 365, then please consider buying me a coffee. I'm basically caffeine dependant at this stage. 

Ben x

Tim Balme
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been a Dylan fan from 1979 when i was 13. a farm labourer on my dads orchard used to smuggle Dylan records out to me as my parents wouldnt have approved. the first was Blood on the Tracks. my head exploded. His name was Tom. He looked like Bob. like a character from one of his songs at least. maybe he was an angel. changed my life anyway. your insight in these pods are joyous. thanks for making revisit all the albums.

Jim Macleod
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Thank you for a great listen, even if you sometimes underrate (Street Legal) and sometimes overrate (Desire) 🤠

ha! I'll take that. Thanks for the coffee. 

kpinthesky bought 3 coffees.

I love your show. Makes my ride home in traffic so much more tolerable. Thank you!

Ah! Thank you so much 

Stuart Lutz
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Thanks Stuart! 

Davey Power
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Thanks Ben. Hello from Australia. I love this podcast. Brilliant!

Cheers Davey!