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Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my podcast about his bobness, please consider buying me a coffee. The pod basically runs on caffeine 

Ben x

William Chubb
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Great podcasts, thanks Ben

Rob from Sydney
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Only recently came across your podcasts and have thoroughly enjoyed working my way through them. Thanks so much. Have you read The Man, The Music, The Message by Don Williams. It is an alternative interpretation of Infidels which is quite convincing. Take care and thanks again.

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Your Dylan podcast really punches my cigarette and the Joni Mitchell “Blue” episode I listened to today definitely smoked my eyelids. 🙏 

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Thanks for putting out this high level content about one of my heroes and adding substance to a saturated dylansphere.  I can relisten to your coverage of my favorite albums repeatedly.  After enjoying your podcast I mistakenly tried to get random podcasts about other of my favorite artists.  They were unthoughtful, rattled on with no context, and i felt disappointed in my time. Thanks!!!   Best of luck to you and yours.   Russell Andersonning 

Thank you Russell!