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Hey folks,

My name is Ben, I am a German music composer who is helping other musicians and creators mastering their skills in Apple's Logic Pro.

On my YouTube channel, I regularly upload quick tip videos and tutorials on Logic Pro, I review sample libraries and share some of my own private video content.

On Facebook, I created a group where people can ask questions about Logic Pro and the community and I answer them as good as we possibly can. If you haven't joined yet, here's a link: Logic Pro Masterclass

I've decided to create this page for people who would like to support my channel and the work I do. If you want, you can buy me a coffee. 😊

I appreciate each and everyone who is supporting me, my channel and my Facebook group. 🙏 

You can also follow me on Instagram (@benjamincristina) for some more personal content and photos I share. If you are interested in watching me rant about random stuff, you can follow me on Twitter (@ben_cristina_81) 😎 Everyone needs an outlet, right? 🤪

Please check out my Website for more information about Logic Pro Masterclass. 


I was born and raised in Leipzig, Germany - a beautiful city in the east with a very rich history and culture. Music was part of my life from when I was little, my grandfather taught me the basics of playing the piano. I grew up here, went to school and University, I founded my own Gothic Rock band and was rather successful at the time. I even received music awards with my band. 😳 A Grammy? No. An Echo? No. But and award nonetheless. 😎 

Eventually, I got tired of Germany, I needed to see something else. I sold (nearly) everything I had and left the country in 2012 for good. I moved to Malta (where I met my wife), then to Ireland (where I worked for Apple) and finally Spain (where I founded Logic Pro Masterclass).

When COVID became serious in 2020, my wife and I decided to move to Germany (back to Leipzig) and here we are. Asking you to buy me a coffee. 😊


With LOVE ❤️ 

Ben 🤘😎👍