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my name is Ben and I am a particles tamer hailing from Germany. One year ago I decided to quit my adventures a a laser guy all around Europe to start a completely new and exciting experience. After searching for the ‚perfect‘ program to start with I came to the conclusion that it might be a combination of Madmapper, Resolume and last but definitely not least Blender. My visuals are mostly done in the latter and I always try to create an immersive audio-visual experience together with the artists for guests, voyeurs and fans around the globe. 

Through the crisis I have been working with UNITE four times, did cover animations for 3000Grad Records and VJ loops for a Ibiza-based label. You can check what I did for them amongst my other works via my portfolio at 

I’m constantly on the hunt for new exciting experiences and challenges. This is what drives me, what makes me whole.