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My name is Ben and thank you for checking out my page.

I have recently taken the plunge into full time freelance artwork having worked in an office job. I decided to do something that I enjoy. This has now allowed me more time to work on creating content personal to me as it has been something I have been unable to commit to in the past.

As most of the time I'm very busy with freelance commissions, I can’t say how often I will delight you with new posts. But I assure you, as soon as I have free time - I continue to work on new content. My main issue is my computer is slow as hell, so my videos and work tend to take longer than intended.

The support I receive here will be the deciding factor as to whether I can move away from commission work and side jobs and devote my time to my supporters :)

This is by far the most rewarding way for fans to receive my work and I would be immensely grateful for your support.


Check out my official portfolio website with all publicized work HERE: