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Hey there! My name is Ben, and I'm a car enthusiast from Milwaukee, WI. I've loved cars since I was big enough to sit in the back seat of one. Ben's Car Blog is a way for me to share my automotive journey with the world!
Andrei bought a coffee.

Been a follower for quite a while so thanks :) you got me into changing the oil in WRX and now I can't stop doing more and more stuff myself. 

Thank you so much for the support, Andrei! I’m glad the blog has been helpful and inspirational! ✌️

Paul bought a coffee.

Thank you Paul! ✌️

Matt bought a coffee.

You've inspired me!  I received my kit and am going to wrap all the trip parts in my e46 M3.  I hoe you don't mind if I ping you with questions, if I run into trouble :)

Thank you so much, Matt! That's awesome to hear. Feel free to HMU with any questions you have and send some pics when you're done! ✌️