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Hey there! My name is Ben, and I'm a car enthusiast from Milwaukee, WI. I've loved cars since I was big enough to sit in one! Ben's Car Blog is a way for me to share my automotive journey with the world!
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The least I can do!  Love your blog.

Blake Krause
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2/3rds of the way through the guide and find myself grateful time and time again that you took the time to write up your experiences to make my first retrofit easier

Hey Blake! Thank you for your support. I’m so glad the retrofit guide has been helpful! It is a challenging project, but the results are so worth it!

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Been a follower for quite a while so thanks :) you got me into changing the oil in WRX and now I can't stop doing more and more stuff myself. 

Thank you so much for the support, Andrei! I’m glad the blog has been helpful and inspirational! ✌️

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Thank you Paul! ✌️

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You've inspired me!  I received my kit and am going to wrap all the trip parts in my e46 M3.  I hoe you don't mind if I ping you with questions, if I run into trouble :)

Thank you so much, Matt! That's awesome to hear. Feel free to HMU with any questions you have and send some pics when you're done! ✌️