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BEEX was actually born in November 2020 and very quickly it is growing and making strong collaborations with photographers, editors and photography specialists from all over the world. 

We created this project because we believe in the power of images and we want to make sure that there is something in the world that helps the production of content that is understood. Today more than ever we need people to learn to understand the difference between one image and another, so that our work does not end up as a pure hobby, but that there is a broad interest and understanding of the time, money and skills invested in this medium. 

BEEX wants to be an open-door activity and accessible to anyone who wants to gain experience in photography, it is not a closed circle, but an opportunity to grow in a community open to the exchange of ideas and experiences. We don't aim at just the aesthetics of our social networks, we don't sell content, our sharing who we believe has the skills and our belief. 

That's why BerlinExplorer supports itself through donations. Obviously the more we expand, the more possibilities there are to create a reality. We are planning to open an office in Berlin, which will be the base, for workshops, exhibitions, meetings, a place for discussion and reception. 

Take a look here to understand where you can find us and our links: