Why open an account also on "Buy me a coffee"?

During this 4 months experience on Patreon, we realized some weaknesses of the system, especially the requests of our followers, that sometimes we could not satisfy given the limitations of Patreon.

But we decided to continue to use it even though we are now welcoming you here too!

Buy me a coffee, has similar potential to Patreon, but also allows us to take advantage of spontaneous donations without having to face a monthly membership, this obviously makes the donation process more adaptable for everyone.

Obviously what comes out here will have a different exclusivity to what comes out on Patreon, the reason is that on Patreon there are multiple levels of donation, here instead only one monthly/annual Membership and the possibility of spontaneous donations.

Every Monday the BerlinExplorer team meets for meetings and brainstorms, so we have the possibility to structure a special program for this new platform.

What we ask you to do to make the experience as personal as possible is to fill out this questionnaire, so we can better understand what kind of content you want to receive and see: https://forms.gle/sk3bmCbmBnFoj1TFA

A new activity we want to add here through this platform is the Monthly Live Webinar, a meeting with you all and us on the team to discuss various ideas and experiences.

So anyone who becomes a member every month gets a chance to say their idea live and get in touch with us directly.

It must be said that BerlinExplorer is a project that is constantly evolving, trying to grow in a constant way and with ideas that are always being tested.

We hope you appreciate our efforts and we are sure that with your help we will be able to create more and more impressive content!

Thanks for your time,

Emiliano Vittoriosi
BerlinExplorer Founder