Buy Florentia Bertoni a film


Hi Dears, I created this page for those who want to help me finance my photographic projects, currently I don't do it for profession my sharing is free and I decided to open this space to give my fans 🤗 the opportunity to make spontaneous single or recurring donations. Thanks to those who can support me or simply make me feel their closeness 😍 by following me on my Instagram page 🥰🙏

I use various manual equipment, both digital and analog, mainly Japanese. I like to experiment with expired films and sometimes even with smartphones.

My goal is to give good memories to people who ask me for photos to immortalize precious moments of their life, also I would like to travel a little more and continue taking photos of nature and everything beautiful that attracts my attention, all this hoping that it can partly contribute to the preservation of our planet and of all living beings that inhabit it. 💚
Also, with this page I join the Stripe Climate initiative to help my passion to fight climate change.
Thanks for your support and appreciation.