Buy Best Quality Sound FX a coffee


Hello Friend!

Glad you stumbled on one (or a couple) of my sound FX!

Hope they were the ones you were looking for and I'm looking forward to what you use them for :)

I upload all these Sound FX because I was once in your situtation looking for particular FX and having to go through tens of options without finding the right ones so I decided to solve that problem for other creators.

I don't get paid on youtube since they're mostly short 3-5 second FX over a still image and I'm mostly doing this as a way to give back to the creator community that I enjoy being a part of :)

With that being said, I get alot of people asking me "how can I support your internet expenses or storage expenses" and stuff like that...

So if you want to throw me a couple of coins that will help compensate for my time & effort making these, I'll be forever thankful!

This is obviously not necessary but it's definitely appreciated :)

Wish you nothing but the best,