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Festive Foliage Colouring Sheet


Drawing and painting have been my sanctuary through lock-down. My work gave me a focus when I felt overwhelmed, structure when there was none and peace and calm in a busy world of image and information overload.

And that’s why I’m passionate about getting people to draw. Because it isn’t just about making a mark on a piece of paper.

Drawing is about taking time for yourself to slow down and really observe something. To interrogate the subject, to capture it as only you can. To have a go, to laugh and learn. To feel interested and inspired. To solve problems and to fill time. To make connections with ideas and people and feelings. With a small sketchbook a pencil and an eraser you can capture anything, anywhere that will be unique and personal to you.

Learn more about 'The Seasonal Sketchbook' here

Fiona Hughes
Fiona Hughes is now a member.

Hi Beth - finally got a laptop that can access this site - looking forward to doing some drawing :)

Hi Fiona! How lovely to 'see' you here. Thank you for your support. I'll send an email over with a guide to where you can find all the previous info, so you can have 4 months of inspiration in one hit x

Judith Didham
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Jacqueline Mackett
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Suzy Carver
Suzy Carver claimed Festive Foliage Colouring Sheet
Margaret Hampson
Margaret Hampson claimed Festive Foliage Colouring Sheet