Do you love drawing, or would you like to learn? Drawing can be rewarding, calming, mindful and fun. With an inexpensive pencil, eraser and sketchbook you can draw anytime, anywhere, capturing visual memories, moments and ideas.

‘The Seasonal Sketchbook’ is a new online course to get you observing and drawing things from nature and your environment, throughout the year. It will be delivered on-line, by me, Bethany Moore.

And you can complete The Seasonal Sketchbook in your home, in your own time and at your own pace.

I will provide drawing tips and exercises. I will aim to build your confidence and ability in drawing. I will give you examples and inspiration to observe and record what you see. I will encourage you to develop your own methods for creating and capturing moments in time that are pertinent to you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or you’ve dabbled with sketching but just can’t stay motivated, why not sign up to ‘The Seasonal Sketchbook’?


What to expect as a member

I used to run a drawing group in my home town, and what made it so successful was the sense of community and friendship that we had. We drew every week. We laughed and learnt. We solved problems, and worked through creative ideas. We drank tea and ate biscuits.

Covid-19 has changed that face-to-face dynamic, but I’m really passionate about replicating it on-line. With The Seasonal Sketchbook I hope to create a community of like-minded people, to foster creative growth and feel connected at a time when that seems harder to achieve.

 ·        I’ll provide monthly worksheets with clear instructions on drawing techniques that you can access at any time.

·        I’ll encourage you to get out and about to capture your own environment, and if you can’t, I’ll provide photos from the beautiful Isle of Wight, that you can use for your own reference.

·        I’ll post a weekly prompt to get you thinking.

·        I’ll facilitate and monitor our Facebook group to encourage you to post your work and support others.

·        I plan to add videos, Facebook-live sessions and behind the scenes tours of my work and studio to help inspire you.

·        You can join at any time.


Together we’ll also look at elements of art and design, inspirational artists; past and present, and I’ll provide art exercises and creative prompts to get you motivated. The main idea behind The Seasonal Sketchbook is to offer a wealth of inspiration throughout the changing seasons. The course will support you to develop a series of drawings in your own sketchbook and build your own creative practise.


What you will need (to start with)?

·        A sketchbook of your choice (ideally one with a bit of texture on the page, which will be able to take watercolour or different media). You might like to think about a hard-back version, so that you can keep it to look back on.

·        A 2B and a 2H pencil

·        A rubber (ideally a plastic rubber and a putty rubber)

·        2 hours a week. And if you enjoy the exercises, or you’re inspired, please feel free to do more. Drawing is like any other skill, it improves with practice. You can’t will yourself to be better, you have to work at it, and I want to help you enjoy that process.


What will Bethany use?

I usually have several sketchbooks on the go at once, but my favourites are: Seawhite watercolour travel journal (200gsm A4 size) and Khadi, handmade paper hardback sketchbook (210gsm) that is slightly smaller.

I have an ancient pencil case full of different types of pencils, charcoal, rubbers and graphite sticks. I also use watercolours, water-soluble pencils, fine-liner pens, ink and coloured pencils. These have been accumulated over many years of drawing. You don’t need them to start with, but you may enjoy the marks they make, so I will introduce different materials throughout the seasons.


Membership Payment Plan

£10 per month, on a subscription plan using the payment platform ‘’. Full details can be found here

I want to be able to provide The Seasonal Sketchbook content, exclusive to members, and this seems a really good way to do it. I can also add ‘extras’ on to the menu, so if for example you wanted a one-to-one Zoom consultation on your artwork, or to commission an illustration, I can set that up within the platform.

You can view my page here:

There will also be an optional, designated Facebook Group for members, if you want to share your work and ideas, and show what inspires and motivates you, while supporting your other members.

And remember, you are not constrained by deadlines, you can complete The Seasonal Sketchbook in your home, in your own time and at your own pace. And you can join at any time. You’ll be creating your own visual diary to ‘mark moments’ that you see in your year armed with skills, exercises and inspiration that I’ll deliver throughout the course.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Feel free to visit my website at