Weekly Prompt: Pattern

Weekly Prompt: Pattern

Nov 09, 2020

Hello Seasonal Sketchbookers,

I hope you are all safe and well and looking after yourselves during the 'lockdown' month of November. I've been running, photographing and drawing more than ever, which is really helping to soothe the mind during these strange times.

You'll be pleased to know that I have all of our weekly prompts written down for our entire year! But this weeks one has changed, based on a conversation I had with a stranger last week.

As I was jogging through Northwood Park, wearing my bright pink Lycra running gear and collecting acorns, leaves and branches from the ground (like some kind of fluorescent, eccentric nature lover) I heard someone shout out, "excuse me.... do you like leaves?"

I had to laugh, I did look exceedingly committed to collecting them. But this lovely lady stopped to chat about the beautiful leaves in her garden from the 'liquid amber tree', the colour of them, and how she was going to photograph them on some black paper because they were so beautiful. I encouraged her to visit Spoonflower (a fabric printing website) and turn her photograph into fabric or wallpaper. She was delighted.

And when you think about 'pattern', you find you start to see it everywhere. In the symmetry of leaves, in the movement of waves, in peoples desire to interact and carry on with normal, social 'patterns' of behaviour. We see it in habits, nature and design.

Here are a few visual prompts to get you started, along with some weblinks to pattern lovers who are inspiring me at the moment. Have a think about what pattern means to you and feel free to chat about it and post your work in our members-only Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1622958667858606



https://www.danielthegardener.com/portfolio (tattooist inspired by William Morris)


(Images: Egypt Point looking west, a repeat pattern I made using a photograph of freesias, the railings on the mezzanine level of Cowes Library, A unicorn pattern I made from a linocut of a racehorse, last year's lichen lino-print with inspiration)

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