I have a distinct memory from 7th or 8th grade when a friend and I were sitting in her bedroom reading through an edition of Cosmo. In that magazine, like many, there was a workout with the claim stating something along the lines of "10 exercises you should do every day to get a thigh gap." My friend and I sat in her room and started doing the exercises, and I remember her exclaiming her dedication to this workout so that she could slim her thighs the way she had always wanted.⁠

In reality, your body does not work this way. You cannot spot-reduce fat anywhere on your body, even if you work the muscles in that area so hard that you feel them burn and you're so sore you can't move the next day. The only way to lose fat is to put yourself in a caloric deficit. Expend more calories than you are taking in, either by eating less or moving more. And even then, you can't decide where that fat loss comes from.⁠

The reason many women want to do workouts like this is because they believe they will make them more "toned," or have more muscle definition. In order to achieve more muscle definition, your muscles actually have to get bigger. In order for your muscles to get bigger, you HAVE to stress your muscles. Lift weights. Like heavy weights. And not for thousands of repetitions. Rather, it's best to find a weight that's so heavy that you can't move it for more than 8-12 repetitions before reaching muscle failure. So many women would be surprised at how strong they actually are if they attempted to train this way. ⁠

Doing high-repetition workouts like the ones often touted to be miracle solutions in magazines or on the internet can actually lead to the opposite of the desired result. When you perform your exercises with light weight for lots of repetitions, you are training your body to be good at endurance. Now, training for endurance is great if that's your goal, but this type of exercise doesn't make your muscles bigger or more defined. In fact, endurance training can actually make your muscles smaller. Smaller muscles = less definition = no “tone.”

Moral of the story:⁠
1. There are no magic workouts⁠
2. You can't spot-reduce fat⁠