Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening All,Time for another update. But before I start, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.NO VIDEO YESTERDAYI missed a deadline yesterday. Lately, I have been posting a new video every Friday, most Tuesdays and some Sundays, as my header shows, but I have released quite a few videos lately that I just ran out of time, sorry.RECORDING ANOTHER "CHATTING WITH..." VIDEO LATER TODAYI will be recording a "Chatting with Coaches" video in a... more

May 09


Hello, I hope you and your family are still safe and well. We are getting closer to open more and more squash courts, so that seems good news for most of us.VIDEOSAgain, not many videos have been published, just the weekly question and yesterday's Mindset Tips. More are coming, I promise.FRONTONI am aiming to test record this coming week. Last week turned into a little bit of a disaster. I had some treatment on my foot and could hardly walk for most of it.VISITING THE UK IN AUGUSTI booked... more

Jul 04

[SUNDAY 21 JUNE 2020]

A day late - sorry.As has become custom now, I hope you and your family are still safe and well.VIDEOSI haven't published many videos lately and for that I apologise, I think in the back of my mind I was getting ready for the courts to open. I like making the videos "on the sofa", but am acutely aware it is the court videos viewers really want.FREAKING SEPTEMBER FOR ME!A couple of days ago, my local sports centre sent me a letter saying that the facility would open on 1st... more

Jun 21

SATURDAY 6th June 2020

Hello and welcome to another of my twice-a-month updates. As always I hope you and your family are safe and well.THUMBNAILSOMG, I have become obsessed over this and it has to STOP! Actually, I think I have found a good format that works with all my playlists. You might have seen the coloured bar along the bottom of each new thumbnail. This allows me to colour-code each playlist, hopefully making it easier to find the content you like. I have "wasted" too much time on this, but I want... more

Jun 06

[SATURDAY 23 MAY 2020]

Hello All, as always, I hope this post finds you and your family well.Well, there's not much to talk about this time, but knowing me I'll still ramble on about stuff.WEBSITE UPDATEI have been tinkering again with the design, partly because I enjoy stuff like this and partly because I was never really happy with the old one. I haven't migrated the new design to all the pages yet, but I plan to do that over the coming week or so. It's not hard work but I have to be careful I... more

May 23


Hi Everybody, I hope you and your family are safe and well.LACK OF PLANNINGIt seems that every two weeks is about the right amount of time to write this update. I have been busy making videos, as I hope you have seen. I wish I had done more planning with the Racket Skills At Home (RSAH) series, but like everybody I didn't really know how long the lockdown was going to last and how people would react.I will continue to make these types of videos, but may have to completely re-create them... more

Apr 25