Good Morning.Afternoon/Evening Everybody, Following on from last week, I do hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

As I hope you have seen, I've been quite busy with the channel and my squash projects. This week alone saw 3 videos released.

I won't list them here, but I do want to briefly talk about one: Bounce Skills: Set 1. I was hoping that the "Follow Along" idea would be popular. My girlfriend has been working out in front of the TV using YouTube videos and the idea popped into my head that I could do something similar. I hope to extend the idea to on-court solo drills too. Unfortunately, the weather here has turned wet and we are due to have rain for the next week, which will probably stop me from getting into my garden to record more, but I might try in parking area, although the lighting is bad and we are not supposed to be in any communal areas, anyway. I hope to include some ghosting and swing drills too. Fingers crossed the weather improves.


If you watched the Beyond the Cutline : Episode 2 video, you will see I have created a new website: That's where I will be updating all my projects. I still need to copy over my articles, but there is no rush for that.


At the suggestion of one of the commenters, I set up a page on Buy Me A Coffee:

It allows viewers to show their appreciation of my content without a regular commitment. It's listed on the bottom of all my webpages, but I won't be promoting it heavily. I will mention it in the text description of the videos from now on and maybe in the next Beyond the Cutline video.


Again, as I am sure you know, I have created a new project called "Silent Squash" and produce videos with no sound. Well, one idea is to have pages for each video. I have created the first page and would like your feedback. Here is the page:

It's the Photocoaching: Back Corners page. It's about an hour's work to create. My main focus is video content, but if you feel this is good, I may do it for all the silent videos. The problem is that people might not watch the video. As I said, video is my main focus, not webpages. Anyway, any thoughts?


I am hoping to create and release the next challenge video this Tuesday. It will be a 10-day Guided Visualisation challenge. I will record one video, with ten 90-seconds guided practice and users will just watch the 90 seconds for that day. I'm not sure how it will be received but I will try it.


Last week I talked about releasing every Friday with occasional Tuesday and Sunday. I have decided to change that to:

Every Friday, Most Tuesdays, Some Sundays. I think I have enough content to be able to do that.


Now that my hip has improved to the point of thinking about getting back on court, it's incredibly frustrating that I can't create the kind of content that I KNOW you want. I know you want "on court" videos and I want to make those sorts of videos, but we will all have to wait for at least another few weeks.


You might have noticed that I am behind on my book reviews. The reason for that is that I lost my notes for the book I am due to review. They were post it notes on my desk, that somehow got thrown away. There's no way I am going to re-read the book, but I will try to remember the important parts and get the review out soon.


I received an email from somebody this morning complimenting my on my videos but also saying I didn't explain something properly. And he was right. As I said in my reply "I want to great the best content I can, so feedback is important to me". So, if there's something you don't like in my videos, tell me. Outside feedback is what coaching is and I need to accept feedback from you.


Well, that's it from me for this week. I have at least another 2 weeks of lockdown, so there should be plenty more content coming. Stay Safe, Stay Home, Keep Watching My Videos!