Hi Everybody, I hope you and your family are safe and well.


It seems that every two weeks is about the right amount of time to write this update. I have been busy making videos, as I hope you have seen. I wish I had done more planning with the Racket Skills At Home (RSAH) series, but like everybody I didn't really know how long the lockdown was going to last and how people would react.

I will continue to make these types of videos, but may have to completely re-create them once the courts open.


I am curious to hear your thoughts on the idea of Follow Along videos. I tried it with the first few RSAH videos thinking it would be a novel way to get people involved but I am unsure how people feel about them. I might try to make a mega 30-minute compilation of the beginner drills and mix them with some ghosting and swing drills. is that something you think viewers would like to try?


Without going into details, my views have dropped significantly during this time and I have to admit I am finding it very disheartening. It's not just me, it's most squash channels. PSA TV seems to be getting plenty of views but they are different. What is perhaps even more interesting is that badminton and table tennis channels seem to be flourishing. I wonder if badminton and TT players are more accustomed to training at home? Any thoughts on that?


Later this morning, I have arranged to video chat with 4 stringers and talk about a variety of topics, obviously all related to squash stringing. I hope to post it as a video early next week. If the format proves interesting for viewers I may try to do it again but with coaches, players and refs. Once the video has been released, please let me know your thoughts.


Not sure why but I have made notes on quite a few videos all with the "5 Things..." title. It seems to be a simple format that is easy to adapt. let's hope the topics will be interesting. Here is a sneak peek of some:

- 5 Things to Get The Most From Coaching (Coming tomorrow)

- 5 Things to Try if You Can't Have Coaching (Tuesday)

- 5 Training Mistakes I Made When I was Young

- 5 Common Technical Mistakes Club Players Make

- 5 Common Tactical Mistakes Club Players Make

- 5 Ways to Improve Your Solo Practices

- 5 Uses of a Bullet Journal for Ambitious Squash players

- 5 No Bullshit Squash Truths

I am hoping to make at least one per week, maybe even two.


Just a quick reminder that bettersquash.com is online and contains plenty of useful information and links. If nothing else the frontpage has a running list of updated videos and things I have done. is there anything you would particularly like to see on my website?


It's a bit of a cliche but I think I am getting frustrated with social media. In my case I specifically mean Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Without wanting to seem "needy", I feel that the effort I put (which admittedly isn't much) into posting there is almost wasted, especially on Twitter. It seems very cliquey. Maybe in the near future, I will focus on IG and YT.


One thing that I do like about IG is the ability to post short videos and I know that YT has a similar feature called "Stories" I think. The YT viewership has always been my biggest supporter and I might start to use that more. I mean for just quick little updates, thoughts, bloopers etc. Any thoughts on that?


Well, that's enough for this update. I truly hope you are using the lockdown period in a positive way and fingers crossed we can get back on court soon, although I fear it won't be for at least 4 to 6 weeks for me. I live in Spain and the lockdown has been extended until at least 9th May. After that it will be eased gradually and nobody knows what that means for gyms and sport centres etc.

Anyway, take care, stay safe and stay home!