Hello and welcome to another of my twice-a-month updates. As always I hope you and your family are safe and well.


OMG, I have become obsessed over this and it has to STOP! Actually, I think I have found a good format that works with all my playlists. You might have seen the coloured bar along the bottom of each new thumbnail. This allows me to colour-code each playlist, hopefully making it easier to find the content you like. I have "wasted" too much time on this, but I want to back date all the 2020 videos if I can.


I am continuing to update the website into the new design. In addition to that, I have added a new section called "Articles", where I will obviously be adding all my articles that I published originally on my blog. Each one doesn't take too long, but it will take a while to add them all.

The VIDEOS section is now very different. I recognise that thumbnails for videos and images on websites are very, very important and the filter on the original page was cool, but I have decided to move to text -only. Therefore, the VIDEOS page now has three options: chronological list, alphabetical list and playlists. Finding something might be easier, but discovering something unexpected has been reduced. Of course, there is always my "FEELING LUCKY" page, which will take you to a random video. I might not keep the alphabetical list as I occasionally like to change the titles of videos and that would cause confusion.


Bithive.com is a new social media service created by an acquaintance of mine from my video gaming days (see my gaming channel: PLANETPHILLIP: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdywmbbZT-qRYrJeWP3WHhA/) and I have created two hives: Squash and Better Squash.

BetterSquash: https://www.bithive.com/hive/bettersquash will be used for posting details about my videos and site updates and

Squash: https://www.bithive.com/hive/squash will be used to post the same sort of stuff as I post on IG, FB etc.


For those that know about Discord, I have created a BetterSquash server. Actually, I have had it for years, but decided to make it public. I'll be adding the link to all the pages soon. Here is an invite link: https://discord.gg/VCkC5wY It has a few different channels for us to chat about squash-related stuff. Please read the welcome channel and the rules. I WILL be enforcing them. I am obviously not online all the time, but I do check in quite a few times per day.


Once I have finished updating the old webpages to the new design, I plan to create a video tour of the site and its functions, as well as a tour of my social media pages.


I don't want to say too much but I am in discussions with 2 people about producing a video with them. I am hoping it will add something new to my videos. Lookout for those soon.


It looks like some countries are reopening their courts, but here in Spain we are going to have to wait a little longer. In some ways I am very disappointed but in others not. My hip and back are still causing me issues and I can't even walk properly, so the idea of hitting the ball is scary. Later today, I am going to collect a scooter and will use that to go into town etc. Once the courts here do open, I am going to go the very first day and try hitting the ball and see what happens.


I'm really happy with the response that these seem to be getting. Perhaps it is the topics or maybe it's because we can't play - who knows. Anyway, I am highly confident of being able to release one per week as I already have a list of 60 questions and they don't take much preparation or a long time to record.


I have been asked if I will be publishing more challenges and the answer is definitely YES! it's just that not being able to get on court, I didn't want the first few to just be mental or physical. Anyway, maybe I'll make another one next week if I can.


That's it for this update. Actually, there is one thing I am in discussions about that is really exciting but I don't want to say anything until it is confirmed, but IF it happens, it should raise my profile quite a bit.

I hope you are doing some training at home, or at least trying to stay a little fit. Fingers crossed we will all be able to play again soon. See you in two weeks!