A day late - sorry.

As has become custom now, I hope you and your family are still safe and well.


I haven't published many videos lately and for that I apologise, I think in the back of my mind I was getting ready for the courts to open. I like making the videos "on the sofa", but am acutely aware it is the court videos viewers really want.


A couple of days ago, my local sports centre sent me a letter saying that the facility would open on 1st September. We have a separate outdoor pool which opens between 15th June and 15th September and this year it will open from 1st July. The only good thing about this, is that I'll be getting a refund for the time the facility has been closed.


A fronton is a court used for a few different sports. Here are some images: https://bit.ly/31ekixd I have 2 within walking distance of my house and I am seriously considering making some videos there. I could make the ghosting video, although it wouldn't be perfect and I suppose I could even make some solo drill videos too. I'll take a walk to the best one this week with my camera and see how it records. Sound might not be too good, so I'll have to plan the overdub.


So it looks like players in the UK will be able to get back on court from early July. Seems like solo practice is being advised or even mandated, which I think I agree with.


I still don't want to mention too much, but this and next Tuesday, I will be recording videos with two different people in a collaboration video. I reached out to both in the hope of creating something different for the channel. By this time next week the first one should be available. Depending on the process and the response, I may look to work with the same people again and/or look for people outside of the squash community too. Fingers crossed it's well-received.


I have to admit I have been a bit lazy about updating the website to the new design. That said, both the Ball and Mindset pages are now available. I've also started adding my old articles that I wrote for my blog and SquashSite. You can find the first few here: https://articles.bettersquash.com/


A couple of days ago I wrote and published an article on SquashMad.com about how fitness was one of the reasons squash became popular but might now be the reason for its decline. It also covered the idea that what the pros want for the future of the game is not necessarily what recreational players want. You can read it here: https://bit.ly/3dkAf7h

Talking of articles, I hope to announce something more regular soon.


I am thinking of deleting my Facebook account, both personal and for my squash. Social Media is in the news all the time these days and whilst I am not manipulated by their use as I very rarely even read anything outside of squash, I just feel it might be wise to focus on other things.

That said and it's a little contradictory, but I have been using Twitter a little more recently than in the past. FB seems to be about interacting with club players and people who view my videos, whereas Twitter seems to be more about interacting with people within the squash industry - pro players, stringers, clubs etc. It's an interesting distinction. I still like Instagram but sometimes I wish I could just post text without having to worry about an image, but of course, Instagram IS images!


Still no new challenge videos I am afraid. Just haven't had the inspiration.


I made an off-the-cuff comment recently about wanting to start a World Championship for Solo Practice and I think the concept has merit. I'm pretty sure Off The Wall squash academy does something similar for juniors. The idea could be developed to create 10 different solo practice exercises where you count or measure your performance. This would give you a score for each of the ten shots and you add the score to give you a "rating". It would be fun to have actual competitive "matches'' where two people on court do the same exercise and instead of getting points, one player "wins" the round. Actually, in that case we would need an odd number of shots.

If I were still involved in squash professionally, I would definitely put a lot of effort into this as it could be promoted around the world, especially at this time with the Lockdown about to ease.

Do you have any thoughts about this idea?


Well, that's another two weeks gone with no squash. I can't wait to hear all your stories of what happens when you do get back on court.