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Hey! A MASSIVE welcome to you 👋

Let me start by just putting it out there... I LOVE Hastings!!

I was born here, have recently discovered centuries old ancestry here and I want to celebrate this incredible place and all of the fascinating characters past and present in it with as many people as possible.

'PLOUGHING THE SALT SEA' is a one woman show I am currently creating featuring stories and music drawn from the suds of the women in the Hastings Old Town wash house to the mystery of the missing fishermen. It is inspired and in the process of being written after a period of deep research into my Hastings family roots.

The theatre show I am creating will take you for a stroll through the heart of Hastings Old Town, meeting recently discovered ancestors from the local fishing community. Through the eyes of the women of Hastings, I aim to uncover a new perspective on community connection, ancestry and families past and present.  

I have been writing brand new songs and am making new historical discoveries ALL the time.

Please join me as part of my team to make this show a reality so that I can share it with as many people as possible around the world.  

I can only do this through your support for the project, whether it is buying me 1 cup of tea, or 10 cups (the average amount my Mum used to drink in a day!) or choosing to support me monthly or yearly.  EVERY single cup of tea makes a big difference to a freelance Artist like myself.

In return, I will be sharing my journey through the project with you.  On here will be content you can see first before anybody else does and also special content that I will only share on here with you and nowhere else.  I also LOVE to get feedback and comments from you...I'm making this stuff for YOU, so tell me what you'd like to see on here and let me know what's keeping you coming back!  Make sure you write your comment before you Buy Me A Nice Cup Of Tea as I may not be able to see it otherwise 😉

So PLEASE, let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Hastings....I promise...if you stick with me on this journey, you're going to LOVE it just as much as I do ❤️ 

Click link below to check out my website and other music I've been making...

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