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Dec 28, 2020

Today I zoomed past my target of 1000 listeners by New Years Day.

That's 7 episodes, 1 trailer, 4 months and 1,034 listeners.

I'm totally overwhelmed with gratitude to those who have chosen to spend their time listening to me and my guests, and especially to those who have supported the podcast financially so far.

My next episode graces your ears on New Year's Day - with Sly Livingstone from Be Kind Shortfilm Productions.

I have a fabulous new editor, Lily Blundell, on board who is kindly donating her time in the interim while we set up our crowd-funding campaign...

... which will be going live in Spring 2021! We want to raise enough to fund:

  • Editing of the audio

  • Editing of the videos with captions

  • Transcriptions of each episode

  • Social Media support

In the meantime, please keep sharing and talking about the podcast.

Here's to a Hopeful New Year!

Ella x

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