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Your CoreData & CloudKit post helped me immensely.

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+1 on the CoreData + CloudKit article. Anyone tackling that topic is a hero.

Thanks so much!! 😄

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Awesome CloudKit Core Data sync tutorial! I had just been working on that recently. I did discover one flaw with this feature though. You cannot specify your own CKRecordZone. Apple makes one for you and you can't change it. I need multiple zones so i can sync multiple Core Data stores

Thanks so much!! And yeah, that’s a good point about the CKRecordZone. Hopefully we’ll get a new and improved persistence/syncing framework one of these years at WWDC! 

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I really liked your article about Apple Glasses. I also believe that Apple is focusing on improving the human experience. Notifications in my field of view would not convince me to use such a device. We already have enough of them in our lives 🙈

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Great article. I love my iPad but it could be so much more. All those ideas you had to improve made me excited and sad. I just hope Apple listens...