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About Me.…oh have I written so much about me, but really, you can see what I've accomplished. But a major aspect is that through situations and just giving too much, I'm in a position that my KNOWING in truth, is helping me. We all are doing our best, but as a self employed trainer, and under some very odd conditions, let's just say, it's hell. While all this, the country and the politicians throwing every corrupt deed and disease. I think we all can agree, something is very wrong. 

I created this a while ago, but now since I've been hitting my YouTube page Hardcore, I need all the help I can manage for what I offer...

I do all Fitness, I'm growing into a higher Empath Intuitive Healer and Seer. I've found a road of an alternate lifestyle involving Nutritional changes, detox implementations, stillness practices, and of course, I always have trained, and I've originated and now going LIVE on Tuesdays, my cardio Dance class. At major points, I was teaching 3 classes a week.  While doing all this, other events were going... But Cali is expensive, and certain energies take advantage of many. I am one of them, so if you come across this, I'm building this brand FINALLY! YOUR DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED!