I cant say Im super nervous about getting spinal shots as this will be my 2nd round of doing them, but as with any procedure it always makes a person feel leary and queasy. When the Pain Management Specialist told me I needed spinal shots to help allievate my hip pain, I imagined sitting in her office with a gown and being stuck with a simple needle. Its actually a bit more elaborate than that. You get scheduled to go to a different facility that looks a lot more "surgical" There you change into the gown, go into "the room" lay stomach down with your back exposed. You get numbed up with Lidocaine getting injected into the sides of your spine. Once youre numbed up, there is an xray machine which shows the doctor where to stick you exactly with the needle. Once everything is ready to go, the doc will inject you inbtwn the spinal joints. They want you to talk the whole time so you forget its happening. There is a doctoer and 2 assistants in the room. After the procedure is done, you feel like garabge (atleast I did for 8 days). You feel like someone duct taped you to a yardstick so moving around is not easy. Everyones "after" experience is different, from the friends and family Ive talked to that have had this procedure done before. Everyones recovery is different. 8 days is a long time so Im not looking forward to doing this again!