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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!  I'll be posting a "Sunday Song" every Sunday on my Facebook page.  It'll be totally free to watch but if you enjoy it maybe you'll chuck me some change for a coffee (which we all know I'll really spend on beer!).
Liz Tilly
Liz Tilly bought 10 beers.
Tim bought a beer.

Enjioed the "Sunday Song" looking forward to what comes next

Dark Lord of Barnet
Dark Lord of Barnet bought a beer.

Another great song to finish on. It will be interesting to see what concept you come up with next... 🤔

Lisa Marie Reynolds
Lisa Marie Reynolds bought 5 beers.

I miss seeing you live! But, enjoying your Sunday Sessions. Sending hugs and all the very best for your future plans ❤️

Claire & Nathan
Claire & Nathan bought 5 beers.

Can't wait to buy you one for real, but have a drink on us in the meantime. Much love xx