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Big Heart Art Club

💌 What is this 

I create art to connect to nature. My art is inspired by the natural environment and created with natural pigments and inks. Secondly, I create art to connect me to you and you to the people around you through the magic of gifting. 🪄

💌 Who is this for

You have some sense of the value of art, and the value of wildflowers, fresh air, dry leaves, and the weeds that grow in the cracks of concrete. You like surprises, and receiving things in the mail. And you want to share these things with others.

💌 Who am I

I am a travelling artist. I make my way in life by volunteering for eco projects, community farms and individuals. I have given up possessions and the stability of a home for the opportunity to give more, experience more, and live closer to nature. 

I do not run this art project to make money, but it does take money to run. Your support is invaluable, and I am so, so grateful.