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Walking Work in Progress, Comedian, Presenter, Podcaster, Voice of insane Championship wrestling, Da, Husband, Sweetheart, Bankable Commodity...Come get me!

Hey thanks for stopping look amazing...and smell great.

I've no big agency behind me, just a one man band of Comedy and Content. Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my content, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support!

Sybarite Femme
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$15 for a coffee? Fs 😂 lots of love Sammi & Toal 🤘🏻🖤

Jackie Stanley
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Just cos you make me laugh xx

Jackie Stanley bought 5 coffees.

You are an absolute star! Thanks for joining our zoom call x

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Thanks for the laughs mate

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Loved the show last night. Can't wait till next one on Friday :)